NORTH SALISBURY IS A                                            NATIONAL SCHOOL OF CHARACTER!
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Character Education at NSS:
Helping students learn to be good citizens is a guiding focus at NSS.  For this reason, the school will continually emphasize citizenship, service, and honoring our military, families, and community.  The 6 Pillars of Character that underpin our efforts are:  respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, and citizenship.  Staff emphasize these Pillars whenever a "teachable moment" presents itself to further students' character development.

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. PBIS is a systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to educate all children by developing research-based, school wide, and classroom discipline systems. The process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. Rather than a prescribed program, PBIS provides systems for schools to design, implement, and evaluate effective school-wide, classroom, non-classroom, and student specific discipline plans. PBIS includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for:

ALL students, ALL staff and in ALL settings
Non-classroom settings within the school environment
Individual classrooms and teachers, and Individual student supports for the estimated 3-7% of students who present the most challenging behaviors.

PBIS is NOT a program or a curriculum. It IS a team-based process for systemic problem solving, planning, and evaluation. It is an approach to creating an environment within which school-based teams of educators are trained:

Systems change
Effective behavior management principles and practices. 
Applications of research-validated instruction and management practices.
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